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Your source for Firearm Training in North-Central Ohio 
Training for Ohio's Concealed Handgun License


Training Available for all NRA Basic Courses


Instructor & Training Counselor Courses


Group Training & Rates Available


Private Instruction Available For Basic Courses


NRA Recruiter - NRA Memberships Available


Utah CCW no longer taught due to Utah Law Change



News:     2-28-15 - Updated Prep Handouts.  Up to date for all Classes given.

                     12-8-14 - Added Prep 251 and Several Handouts for Prep 604

                     11-09-14 - Added up through Prep 203

                     7-5-14 - Added Prep 103 Handouts

                    6-28-14 - Added Preparation Classes Section

                   10-26-13 - Added for Women Only Courses, added photo gallery

                   6-7-13 - Added Courses and Cancelled Courses

                  2-16-13 - Courses for remainder of 2013 added. 

                  2-15-13 - After 11 years, due to increased costs for materials, insurance,

                                  shipping costs and facilities, I have been force to raise prices.

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  Saved-By-a-Gun * 744 W. Marion Rd * Mount Gilead * OH * 43338 * (419)946-2850